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Sometimes the path is not linear....sometimes it gives you whiplash with all the turns and tangents....

Here's a tune I've been working on that has been a testing ground of sorts for the musical ideas that have been spinning around in my head lately. As it always seems to be for me, it starts with rhythm and a mood. The path for this one took me in a lot of different directions as this year has been full of inspiration for me to draw from; from a trip to New Orleans, the birthplace of so much music, to an intimate performance by Swiss drum legend, Jojo Mayer, and a lot of life having Theodore the tortoise wander into my world. This project, MODO72, is a catalyst for me to breath life into those ideas that have been collecting in my head for too long...and with this single, a big exhale. I hope you like it and I promise more is on the way soon! Amy Helmick gets ALL the credit for the website and why things look this good.

Check out the track here:

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