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I am gathering together a lifetime of musical experiences and am trying to form them into a cohesive voice.  Those experiences cover a range of genres, from my teenage years playing in rock bands, through my 20’s which were heavily influences by 60’s & 70’s soul-jazz and funk, to my 30’s where I found excitement in modern production sounds and electronic elements. And not through my 40's I'm trying to expand to song writing and recording. 


At my core, I’m a drummer, and I often approach things from a rhythmic base.  As a force of habit or some kind of instinct, I tend to think of music in layers built from the ground up, one supporting the next, building a staircase.  I often find interesting or unique things will happen when I juxtapose these layers and create unique harmonies, rhythms, and sparks of ideas.


Elements of music that I appreciate and I focus on bringing out in my work are REPETITION (Fela Kuti), DYNAMICS (John Coltrane), SYNCOPATION (Zigaboo Modeliste), TEXTURE (Radiohead), TONE (Brian Blade), SIMPLICITY (Bob Marley), and MINIMALISM (Al Jackson).

"Sometimes you have to play a long time
to be able to play like yourself"

                                                             - Miles Davis

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